Listen to Holly Abraham’s spellbinding Love Will Come EP

The further along that we get into the year, the more than we’re noticing songs about love come into the sphere. Perhaps, it’s the seperation, isolation and loss on a grand scale that’s reminding people of what’s truly important in life, and one such thing is the universal force that is love.

Certainly, Bristol-based Welsh artist Holly Abraham had the topic on her mind while penning the five beautiful songs that make up her EP, Love Will Come.

The EP opens with the title-track; a swelling piece of anthemic folk-pop, which soars with rich instrumentation and a dynamic construction that leads you into avenues of pensiveness, melancholia, hope and jubliation.

From the, we head into second listing ‘Shore’. It’s a much more played-down affair that we could imagine being played in an intimate live space in which you can truly appreciate the textural quality of Abraham’s voice over those gentle guitar strums. Next up is ‘Refined in Fire’, an atmospheric number that finds solidarity in survival. “We are refined in the fire,” is Abraham’s repeated mantra that is tainted with past pain and new scars of bravery.

Another track that was picked up by BBC Introducing in the West, alongside ‘Shore’ and ‘Refined in Fire’, is ‘Landslide’, which was produced by Stian Vedøy, the Norwegian producer and lead singer of indie alt pop band Firewoodisland.

To close the EP, Holly Abraham has chosen ‘Through Broken Glass’, an emotive piano ballad that returns to the themes of life’s struggles and how even though at the time it may seem impossible that you’ll be whole again, this song is a reassurance that things will get better.

Speaking more about these themes of mental health, heartbreak and struggle, Abraham shares:

“Love Will Come (EP) is about holding out for the good. Each song is about a different struggle I’ve had in my own life, so during the writing process I found it was important for me to hold the tension between conveying real, honest emotion in that difficult space, whilst still maintaining hope for what lies ahead. As this is my debut EP, I want to start as I mean to go on as an artist by writing and releasing honest, authentic music. I believe there is power in vulnerability, so my hope for this record is that being real about my own mental health struggles will give permission for others to also feel “not okay”, whilst inspiring all of us to endure the dark seasons and hold out for the gold that is found just on the other side of hardship.”

Love Will Come EP is out now and you can listen to it in full below.

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