MYRY ponders impossible love spirals in ‘Stuck In A Loop’

The second single from London-based UK artist MYRY exposes the tender rawness to this songwriter’s intuitive talent. ‘Stuck In A Loop’ comes to us in a demo style that allows the genuine emotion of MYRY’s words and husky vocal to shine through, while providing a spacious, lofi soundscape for the listener’s mind to wander.

Co-written by Joshua Bowyer (aka WULF), this is a song about “impossible love spirals”, as MYRY has coined it. She continues, “You know you need to end it, but you are addicted to each other. You know it’s wrong, but some part of you thinks it’s worth it anyways.”

Having already shown great promise with her debut single ‘Ghosts’, this sophomore release is another sign that MYRY is one songwriter we should be keeping an eye on.

Look out for her upcoming first EP, which has none other than unbeatable producer James Kenosha (WILDES, Birdy and RHODES) on side.

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