Indie quartet Askies make it look ‘Easy’ with new single.

Indie quartet Askies are back and they have not returned empty handed, this time delivering the catchy, explosive, alt rock, Indie tune ‘Easy’.

Oozing with vibrance, youth and over flowing with energy, Askies emanate the clarity of their rock n roll predecessors and role models with a sound that radiates ambition. However it’s their musicality and lyrical content that set the band apart, propelling them towards the very front line of their contemporaries with maturity, sincerity and well rounded songwriting. Despite being a young band, they display a unique and introspective interior landscape whilst maintaining and projecting the exhilarating sound they are well known and well loved for.

‘Easy’ reflects a dusty rock feel combining old roots and new beginnings, adding to their arsenal of tunes, this latest release continues to show the bands dexterity and proficiency not only as songwriters but as musicians.

“It’s a common situation in relationships, and most people would be able to relate to the same type of anger’s voiced through the lyrics, and the overall sound of the song. Easy beautifully encapsulates the complex idea of retrospection and the feelings surrounding a dissolving
relationship.” – Askies.


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