Must Listen: Emanuel’s Session 1: Disillusion EP

Following the success of Emanuel’s break-out single ‘Need You’, which has 1.6m Spotify streams and over 500k views for the collaborative video curated by Idris Elba, the Ethiopian-Canadian creative has released his unmissable new EP.

Session 1: Disillusion is composed of three singles and a remix of the aforementioned ‘Need You’, and it’s an honest reflection of the emotions that Emanuel experiences both as an artist and as a human living through these equally challenging and uplifting times. This collection of indie R&B tracks rich with emotion of the human spirit. It conveys his process of coping with a disillusioned portrait of life through alternative therapy such as self-reflection, sex, drugs, and relationships.

While we adore the intimacy of ‘Thought It’d Be Easy’, the standout song for us has to be ‘Addiction’. It’s a song about crashing back down to reality, whether that be when the intoxicating effect of drugs wear off or whether a momentary escape comes to and end, such as a holiday or journey. The dreamy refrains of syncopated beats, dulled-down production and Emanuel’s searching vocal come up against direct verses of punching beats and half-rapped tales of late nights and bad choices. We commend Emanuel’s vulnerability, as it clearly excels his natural talent and creativity.

Listen to Session 1: Disillusion in full below.

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