Krooked Kings present their landlocked beach rock in ‘Fool’s Gold’

It’s not everyday that you’re presented with the idea of “landlocked beach rock”, but that’s exactly what we were told by Krooked Kings when they described their latest single ‘Fool’s Gold’.

The Salt Lake City band blend woozy vocals, reverb-soaked guitar riffs and finely tuned rhythms in a layered indie-rock package. This melodious new offering encourages the listener to give up on trying to change someone else and instead focus on your own life.

“After spending all this time coming to that simple realization, it’s really freeing to have that person out of your headspace,” as Krooked Kings’ frontman Oli Martin puts it.

Alongside Martin, you’ll also find guitarist Paul Colgan, synth wizard Dave Macey and bassist Matt Monoson. Their music sets out to navigate the post-college world of flannel shirts and light beer as they continue to grow together as friends and as a band.

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