DUTCH CRIMINAL RECORD’s new single is sure to make you ‘Feel Good’.

The young, refreshing, Indie surf trio, DUTCH CRIMINAL RECORD are back and have returned with an absolute summer scorcher of a tune, in the form of – ‘Feel Good’.

A track that was simply made to lift our spirits, ‘Feel Good’ showers us with all those good vibes; oozing with bouncy, breezy drum beats and mood boosting, energising guitar chords. Dusted with lighthearted, catchy vocal hooks, this latest offering from the band is sweet, airy and open. An utter delight from start to finish, the Indie pop infused band comprises of Joe Delaney-Stone (vocals/guitar), Sam Thrussell (vocals/guitar) & Joe Frampton (drums).

Setting the pace and armed with a fiercely loyal and worldwide fanbase, it’s crystal clear these boys are set for an equally as bright future as their music projects.

“I was listening to Orange Juice in my room (the song Rip It Up to be precise) idly playing guitar and the opening riff to Feel Good just sort of fell onto my fingers as I was playing along. I liked it so decided to write a song about feeling good as the riff had a chipper vibe to it, however once the lyrics formed it ended up being a sarcastic take on the keep calm and carry on, slap a smile on it attitude towards mental health.” – Joe Delany-Stone.


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