Our journey ends with The Endorphins at ‘Home’, featuring AMAYA


As regular readers of Unrecorded will know, this isn’t the first time that we’ve praised the talents of Swedish siblings Alva and August, aka The Endorphins. Earlier this year, we introduced you to the project with future-pop single ‘Dead Or Alive’ and then we followed up with slowed-down R&B number ‘Parachute’.

Now we’ve reached the end of this journey with The Endorphins, and suitably we’ve found ourselves at ‘Home’. This is sweeping and soulful single which heralds a collaboration with fellow Stockholm artist AMAYA. It’s not all that common within the realm of independent artists to have two female artists singing on a track and we love that The Endorphins are helping to spotlight this blindspot. Throughout ‘Home’, Alva and AMAYA vocally converse on that feeling of not being lost anymore.

The three aforementioned tracks feature on The Endorphins’ Afterglow EP, which is completed by ‘Space Between Us’ and ‘Afterglow’ featuring Welms. Listen to the EP in full below.





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