XTIE exudes wanderlust in new dance tack ‘Flower Town’

Hong Kong born-and-raised artist XTIE is fast becoming known for her ear-candy pop melodies and danceable club beats, as we hear in newest release ‘Flower Town’.

Inspired by her adventures backpacking across Europe, ‘Flower Town’ was written in the Netherlands. Throughout the optimistic beats, clean production and light vocal work, XTIE celebrates freedom and cultural enrichment, something that we all hope to resume in the near future.

“Flower Town is written when I backpacked to the Netherlands during spring, where the tulips bloom escaping from the jungle of concrete. It’s okay to run away, we can’t stop the waves anyway, why don’t we just take a break before learning how to surf?” – XTIE

With travel plans still largely on hold, let’s transport ourselves to the tulip fields and bustling streets of Amsterdam with XTIE’s ‘Flower Town’, streaming below.

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