Soothing and sentimental, we love Jolé’s new song ‘Alpine Green’

Whatever way you want to look at it, the world is a rather uncomfortable place to be in right now, but we can finds those little moments of ease, as displayed in new single ‘Alpine Green’ from UK singer-songwriter Jolé.

It’s a piece of atmospheric alt-folk with undertones of soothing electronica that allows the listener to take a reflection. Jolé’s thoughtful lyrics like “grass all ends in dew” and “a flower when it begins to bloom”, evokes naturalistic imagery, which is in itself a healing mechanism, as well a dropping us into a singular moment in time.

This sense of living presently is brought into sharper focus by Jolé’s feelings of longings for a loved one, who he wishes could be by his side experiences these same things in real time.

‘Alpine Green’ is utterly blissful and essentially sentimental; a delightful new work from Jolé’s upcoming Silver Lake EP.

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