flawed mangoes teams up with Will Jay in new ultramodern summer single ‘Fatal Flaw.’

Producer flawed mangoes aka Evan Lo has dished out an indietronica induced summer single, aptly named ‘Fatal Flaw’, featuring the cool, confident vocals of LA’s very own Will Jay.

The catchy pop influenced tune is filled with experimental synths and layers upon layers of ultramodern sounds, showcasing the producers expertise, prowess and utterly creative, boundary flexing nature. The lyricism details social pressures of maintaining friendships and keeping up with people in the current climate which is relatable across the board.

Featuring a carefully crafted lyric video, check out the city vibe, summer earworm ‘Fatal Flaw’ below:

“I hope this song can put into words the social pressure that people feel a lot but don’t like to talk about, make people feel less uncomfortable feeling that way.”  -flawed mangoes


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