Discover CHERITON’s feel-good Parallel EP

The London-via-Kent songwriter CHERITON, aka Nick Harrison, has just dropped a new EP via rising independent label So Good So Good. The EP, which was produced alongside Andy Hall Hall (Bastille, Fickle Friends, James Gillespie), opens with title-track ‘Parallel’, which introduces the listener immediately into Harrison’s love-lorn indie soundscape.

From there, we’re led into ‘Little Late Little Love’, a delightful romance track in which layered vocals create gentle harmonies over the guitar-led production. It’s the perfect, late-evening summer listen.

‘Wish You The Best’ takes a diversion into the pop singer-songwriter territory, with Harrison’s clear vocal, simple guitar and bright electronic beats giving everything an extra lift. The EP is then completed by two live tracks, giving us that much missed live show feeling.

Before we leave you to dive into CHERITON’s Parallel EP, here’s a note from the artist himself about the new release:

“Written after a break up, the Parallel EP is a collection of songs which helped me get my head around it.  Recorded over the course of a year alongside other time consuming things (work/life) its my first collection of songs and I’m so proud it’s finally available for people to listen to. 

The world is a strange and scary place at the moment, seemingly so little positives alongside so many negatives. I feel at times so disconnected with all that’s going on, behind a screen, locked away missing friends and family as we all do.  This EP I suppose is my way of connecting with people again, sharing myself in these songs. ‘’




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