Malunga goes with the RnB flow in ‘Who Knows’

We love this breezy, summer tune from London artist Malunga who embraces the mysteries and burgeoning unknowns of life. Rather than succumbing to anxiety, the honey-voiced singer takes a relaxed and mindful approach as we can hear in the peaceful new track ‘Who Knows’.

Here, Malunga blends classic RnB melodies with a soulful essence to make the most of her natural voice. Underpinning those vocals and lyrics are laidback electronic beats with a subtle afrobeat influence and pleasant, layered strings.

Before you dive into ‘Who Knows’, here’s a note from Malunga about her third single, which is “about trusting the unknown and allowing life to surprise you. We can never have full control and sometimes need to let go and enjoy the ride.”

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