Scott Helman releases emotion embedded electro-pop tune and visual – ‘Papa’.

Warner Music Canada artist, Scott Helman has released the first single from his recently announced album series Nonsuch Park which debuts this September 4th.

‘Papa’ is a raw, emotional tribute, dedicated to the artists late grandfather, whom he shared an extra special bond with. The tune contains all the electro pop elements we know and love whilst showcasing an incredible level of vulnerability from the artist, as he also releases an extremely intimate visual which amplifies the initial intention of the track.

It features a close up reaction video of Scott as he witnesses for the first time a collation of family videos spanning across the years and overflowing with memories. Creating such a personal, in depth connection, as you share and combine both your first time watching the video with his. An exceptionally unique way of creating a direct link between both fan and artist and a beautiful way of paying tribute to someone you hold dear.

Check it out below and make sure you have tissues at the ready.

“If my past works have been displays of discovery, this work is a declaration – a declaration of love, meaning, questions and truth, and it is all dedicated to you, Papa. Thank you for helping me piece together the fragments of my life and giving me the space to do it.” – Scott Helman


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