Attawalpa unveils the cathartic ‘Done Hanging On’.


Originally from South- America, the now London living, multi instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Attawalpa returns with the catharsis inducing ‘Done Hanging On’. A track that oozes a subtle melancholy, combined with a running theme of release and the jubilant relief this can bring. ‘Done Hanging On’ is unique in its nature, healing not only in the musical sense but also in the spiritual, as embedded within the soundscape are 440hz, quartz crystal singing bowls, specifically used to incite healing and clearing of the heart chakra.

With a commanding, addictive bass line, steady rhythms and a message which is sure to resonate with his listeners, Attawalpa‘s intention is to connect, uplift and offer solace to those who are dealing with similar experiences.

“Self-preservation, performing, connection and healing. A means to heal which gets released on stage. It generally keeps me sane and at times insane. I strive to make music I will want to listen to in the next life. I feel music has the power to help one travel through time and realms. Music is magic, music is healing.” – Attawalpa


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