Listen to FIERO’s lustrous shoegaze-pop single ‘Coupe’

On first listening to FIERO’s new single ‘Coupe’, we were pretty speechless, but being that we’re a music blog, we thought it wouldn’t be any good to leave a blank space here and so here’s some of the thoughts that we managed to put together after the jaw-dropping awe ceased to impair us.

Similar to the lustrous shoegaze-pop sounds of The Naked and Famous, Space Above and Beach House, FIERO exposes the vulnerability of pure emotion in the clean-cut recording that blossoms against a backdrop of synth keys and restrained percussion. There’s a cosmic element to ‘Coupe’ which lifts the grounding rhythms into the airy realm that Kelsey Bulkin’s vocal inhabits.

Sharing their own insight into the song, FIERO say: “Coupe is about making the call, turning the keys in the ignition and trusting that the other person will come along for the ride”.

If you’re liking this one, be sure to check out the duo’s cover of Elliot Smith’s 1997 single ‘Between The Bars’ here.

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