Tuck into singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton’s new song ‘Like No One Else Do’

Singer and songwriter Conrad Ahston isn’t the first to explore the treacherous, tempting, joyful and heartbreaking experience of deep love through music and no doubt he won’t be the last, probably since the release of ‘No One Like You Do’ on August 7th, there will have been many more songs written and released dealing with matters of the heart.

As we’ve explored before, the universality of love is a binding and an ever-intriguing topic that lends itself to music as easily as pickle does to cheese in a Ploughman’s sandwich. And on the menu today is a bright, no frills piece of confessional songwriting that makes Conrad Ahston’s new track stand head and shoulders above the rest.

His storytelling approach gives authenticity and weight to his lyrics, as you’ll hear in the stripped-back recording below.

‘Like No One Else Do’ was written about someone special who I felt fairly strong about and haven’t had that feeling since it was the only time in my life where I would have put someone ahead of my goals as a musician. But some things aren’t meant to be and you have to respect that and respect life’s plan and, in hindsight, it is a good thing some stuff doesn’t happen or work out like you may want.” – Conrad Ahston

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