Introducing rising indie band Two Weeks In Nashville

Everything about this band points towards a life well lived. Their name, Two Weeks In Nashville, gives the impression of young travelers, tasting all that life has to offer, while hitting up one of the music capitals of the world.

Then there’s the title of the first single that we’re sinking our teeth into – ‘All About Now’. This fiery indie-rock tune is peppered with mindful messages which lifts the listener up. Even if you’re not one to pay much attention to the lyrics, then you can’t help but be influences by the energy of the punching percussion and high-octane guitars.

Consisting of members Billy LeRiff, bassist Jonny Faires, guitarist Marc De Luca and drummer Ian Wilson, Two Weeks In Nashville came together through their love of the sounds, energy and extravagance of great rock bands.

Here LeRiff talks about what inspired their latest song:

“‘All About Now’ is about when people come together and live in the moment. This was the first song and starting point for the album. It was only after recording it on our first trip to Nashville that we thought we had found a sound and direction. Nashville is such a happening place; it’s a music city and is very positive and the people are very loving. We wanted to write something that channels and spreads that message and the feeling we had! It’s all about us; it’s all about love, it’s all about now.”

‘All About Now’ is a promising introduction ahead of the band’s forthcoming debut album PAPER PLANES AND RAZOR BLADES.

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