Pop perfectionist KYRI releases WAVES EP

It’s undeniable that KYRI’s strength lines in his voice. He’s able to run those scales with such agility that we’d call him something of a vocal athlete. That’s certainly been the impression left on listener following the releases of his single ‘Red River’ and ‘Sanctuary’, both of which feature on the recently unveiled WAVES EP.

Leading the way with the new EP is single ‘Internet’. Once again, his voice comes across with glassine perfection, although for us, that’s not the reason that this track stands out. It’s the emotional meaning behind the song’s central idea, “put me on the internet, make me feel important.” The irony here being that with the music industry more reliant on the worldwide web than ever before, you really do have to be present on the internet in order for you music to register with fans. It’s a bittersweet pill that KYRI presents to us in this minimalist electronic-pop tune.

In ‘Internet’, I wanted to explore my generation’s relationship with the internet and its effects on our mental & emotional health/wellbeing. In these crazy dystopian times we find ourselves in, we’re pouring more and more of ourselves into social media than ever before. I think we’ve created such a ‘worship-like culture’ with online popularity which can really mess with the ego, so It was fun to run with this idea in a tongue & cheek, dark, more avant-garde kind of way.” – KYRI

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