MICKY’s message of self-determination and resilience in new single ‘Northstar’

When we heard that MICKY over 400 shows in New York City in one year, we knew that his message of self-determination and resilience in new single ‘Northstar’ was coming from a place of authenticity.

As the musician and entrepreneur shares:

“Northstar is about my journey these past few years living as an artist and entrepreneur in music tech. The line in the song ‘Northstar never lost sight through the movement’ speaks to the challenges building a company and career as an artist, and developing the patience to learn from failure and stay focused on moving forward despite the setbacks.”

It’s clear that music is the guiding light in MICKY‘s life, one that’s led him to release many songs that range from soul to pop to trap, play countless gigs and start a music industry networking platform called Treble. He’s plugged right into the mainframe of this business we call music and yet he still finds time to create something that’s for himself, as we hear with ‘Northstar’.

If you’re enjoying the introspective trap-leaning tune, then be sure to check out MICKY’s mixtape of the same name below.

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