Emma Miller’s new single ‘Honey’ is a joy to listen to

‘Honey’ is Emma Miller‘s first single of year and it’s one that has been well worth waiting for. We suppose that this level of songwriting majesty is what happens when an artist diligent works on their craft from the sidelines, as Emma has done over the past year.

Sounding like an effervescent mix between Lucy Rose and Matilda Mann, the Scottish songwriter deftly unravels the journey following a break-up.

As Emma Miller kindly shares with us:

“Honey is a song that’s taken on a life of its own. It began as a cathartic release following a break-up, but getting some space and distance from that time in my life I can now hear that the lyric is relevant to so many different contexts outside of a typical romantic relationship. What’s more, I got to work on this song with friends and what had stemmed from a place of heartache became such a joyful and uplifting experience creating music with my mates.”

And so what started off as a lonely and cathartic outpouring of emotion became a unifying force between fellow creatives. ‘Honey’ became not only the work of Emma Miller, but also her friend Blanca Romeo – aka Odina – who went on to fully produce the track with her production partner Tobin Jones (Park Studios).

We think that you’ll agree that time well spent is time listening to ‘Honey’.

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