Nia Wyn, KinKai and Shuko collaborate on laidback alt-jazz single ‘I Ain’t Finished Yet’

Prepare yourself for a North Welsh, Mancunian and Mainz musical crossover that we could have only wished for in our dreams. Alternative-soul artist Nia Wyn has called upon the skills of Manchester-based rapper KinKai for her newest single ‘I Ain’t Finished Yet’, which was then finalised by German hip-hop producer Shuko.

The result is an off-kilter jam that swings on those elasticated beats, while the laid-back melodies provide the perfect pace for Nia Wyn’s quiet determination. As with many of her songs, Nia’s lyrics deal with experiencing set-backs and disappointments in life such as mental health issues and criticism from others, but coming out of these experiences stronger and more resilient.

Joining the conversation, KinKai ruminates on his own challenges coming up in the UK industry, with special nods to brain good Jaffa Cakes and Jelly Babies – international readers, you don’t know what you’re missing.

All parties involved have shown their metal in the corner of the music industry that melds jazz, RnB, hip-hop, soul and their own cultural backgrounds, where ‘I Ain’t Finished Yet’ slots in perfectly.

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