Scott Helman launches highly anticipated album – Nonsuch Park (sa).

Warner Music Canada artist Scott Helman has been gearing up for this almighty album release since the drop of ‘Everything Sucks’ in 2019. Since then he has tentatively released tune after tune in the form of ‘EVERGREEN’, then ‘Wait No More’ followed by the poignant single ‘Papa’ revealed last month.

Nonsuch Park (sa) marks a significant moment in Scotts career so far, highlighting and paying recognition to his connection and roots over here in the UK as the album itself is aptly named after a park in Sutton which he used to frequent often in his youth with his family.

New classics are sure to be ‘Afraid of America’, the single ‘Lois’ , ‘Good Problems’ and ‘True Crime’ to name just a handful of the 11 track project, which oozes with an alternative, contemporary pop vibe and is studded with effortless catchy hooks and melodies that will stay on the tip of your tongue for days to come.

“It was here where we would walk and cackle at awful jokes, lean in for the stories, make peace with our busy lives and draw meaning from the lessons we had learned since our last visit,” says Scott. “If my past works have been displays of discovery, this work is a declaration – a declaration of love, meaning, questions and truth, and it is all dedicated to you, Papa. Thank you for helping me piece together the fragments of my life and giving me the space to do it.” – Scott Helman


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