Ghita’s honesty shines bright in RnB-pop tune ‘Real Lies’

It’s not all that often that artists give an honest portrayal of what it’s like being in the music industry, but here young pop riser Ghita provides a transparent run-down of a bad relationship with her manager. Fueled by confusion and frustration, Ghita breaks free from the past with a wiser outlook. Below, she takes us through the creative process behind ‘Real Lies’:

“You would actually think it’s about a relationship but I actually wrote the song with my good friend August Rigo (Justin Bieber, Kehlani, One Direction) after a horrible night fighting with an ex-manager who lied to me about money stuff. I came back home crying and the next day I was in the studio with Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Cardi B) writing that song and that’s where I met August for the first time and we had a similar story, the vibe was just there and since then we became good friends. The making of the music is becoming my favorite part of the process, I also can’t wait to perform it. I really believe in that song. I cried while recording it. The tone of my voice was softer and more sensitive than usual but we decided to keep my demo vocals cuz it came from a real real place”.

Matching the robust RnB-pop sound of ‘Real Lies’ is a music video filled with vibrant colours and blaring sunshine. A nice touch in Ghita inviting children to participate in the music video, and thus they reflect the innocence that she entered into her ex-manager’s contract with. Now, Ghita has given herself the opportunity to sing back to her past self, telling her to look out for snakes in the tall grass that is the music business.

Watch ‘Real Lies’, directed by netstyle, below.

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