ÄTNA’s new single ‘Grinding’ fights against authoritarianism

The first thing you’ll notice about ÄTNA‘s new single ‘Grinding’ is the impenetrable wall of bass that immediately sidles up against your eardrums. If it strikes of impending doom for you, then perhaps you’re also fearful of the upcoming presidential election as this musical duo are. Adding to the sense of uneasiness, a lullaby-esque “la la la la la la la, oh my god, what have I done?” is the opening line from their Trumpian characteteure.

For some, politics may be a game, but for the majority, it’s life and death, and ÄTNA doesn’t let you forget that with this earth-shaking alt-pop.

Photo Credit: Josefine Schulz

The song, as well as their debut album Made By Desire, was recorded by the Berlin producer Moses Schneider at the Chez Chérie Studio in Berlin-Neukölln.

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