Joe Parsons tackles toxic masculinity in ‘Repair’

Toxic masculinity is surely one of the greatest plagues of humanity; it leads to more ills than we have means to remedy. Yet, that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to end of viscous cycle.

One musician rising to this challenge is Joe Parsons, the UK based singer and songwriter who is sure to please the ears of fans of Yoke Lore, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Yeasayer and Sufjan Steven. So ,if folk-tronica coupled with dismantling the patriarchy, then Parson’s new song ‘Repair’ will turn out to be a real treat.

Here, Parsons goes into a deep dive into the process behind this thought-provoking indie track:

“Repair essentially opens up a rule book of unhelpful behaviours I had given myself through hiding who I was. It’s a bit of an ode to masculinity. I love the more masculine tropes of my personality, but it became a bit of a uniform through my early teens and twenties. This song also touches on body confidence and constantly wanting to change my physique and get thinner. I suppose now I’m working towards embracing who I am and am a lot happier, it was quite cathartic to revisit who I was a few years ago and write a song from his perspective.”

We could all take a leaf from Joe Parsons‘ songwriting book when it comes to reconciling ourselves with our multi-faceted identities.

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