KLEOPATRA’s intoxicating EP track ‘XANAX’

KLEOPATRA recently released her MACHINA EP, which explores the varying lines of separation between the human and digital realms, and sometimes how it’s hard to distinguish between either. She’s certainly not the first musician to enter into this territory, following in the footsteps of artists like Grimes, PC Music, SOPHIE, Holly Herndon and Poppy, and yet KLEOPATRA‘s offering is one to take note of.

As the mutil-discipline creative shares of this EP:

“I truly love this EP – it is everything to me. At a year in the making, so much time care and attention has gone into it. It is the most hands on with a piece of work I have ever been, being directly responsible for production, mixing, mastering and recording. I have had complete creative control and therefore this EP is something that feels like it’s really mine. It is such a direct reflection of my inner self as it perfectly encapsulates all the sounds and themes that I love and that inspire me. I’m so happy I can finally release it into the world and share this piece of myself with others.”

As you’ll hear from in track pick ‘XANAX’, this is dark electronic-pop to the hilt over which KLEOPATRA‘s smooth vocals take on an Android-esque sound. Like an episode of Black Mirror, the track pulls you into the uncanny valley, where you perceive a world familiar to your own, but everything is a little off-kilter.

Listen to ‘XANAX’ below and if you like what you hear, then go check out the full MACHINA EP here.


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