Listen to Alex Frew’s signature heartfelt pop in ‘Antisocial Love Song’

As Alex Frew shares about his sophomore single , “This song is very important to me. It took on a new meaning after this global pandemic occurred.” He continues, “It wears its pop music qualities on its sleeve, but it touches on the difficulty of being alone and finding connections with others – a feeling which has only been amplified by the world’s current situation.”

This song, an incidental intersection between social anxiety and social distancing, came to be called ‘Antisocial Love Song’. This stirring pop single is taken to another level with the heartfelt harmonies between Alex Frew and A Is For Arrows, whose soft-toned interplay perfectly matches the soothing production.

Produced by Joel Stouffer.
Written by Alex Frew, Alexandra Soumalias, Joel Stouffer, Ron Lopata, Alessia Balasbas.

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