Thor Rixon is brokenhearted in his latest video for ‘Won’t Stop Crying’

As the saying goes; “love is difficult to find and even harder to keep” and if anyone knows the pain of heartbreak it’s Thor Rixon in his latest video for,‘Won’t Stop Crying’.

It’s not easy to make a dancefloor-worthy break up song but Thor Rixon does just that in self-produced hit, ‘Won’t Stop Crying’. The song perfectly shows off Rixon’s expert ear for music and production which have been the foundations of his very promising career. Drawing influences from a wide range of genres including French electro, nu-disco and house gives Rixon’s music a unique edge and experimental sound. However, his talents don’t stop there, the visuals accompanying ‘Won’t Stop Crying’ prove Rixon to be quite the actor as well.

Filmed in various locations in Cape Town, the video hilariously depicts the detached and impersonal nature of love in today’s social media and dating app obsessed society. Shot almost entirely on an iPhone, the video follows Rixon around town as he bawls his eyes out down the phone to a seemingly unbothered, mystery ex, all whilst singing about his sorrows over a funk-infused beat.

Director Rob Smith gives his account of the filming experience:

“The concept itself, naturally taken from the lyrics of the song, made use of the POV of an iPhone throughout a breakup, giving the video a unique perspective, where most of the crucial action takes place out of focus, behind the phone. This was a really fun creative challenge.

“Thor is a natural performer. You put a camera on him and it’s hard to take it off. The main shoot itself was a tiny crew, consisting of myself, the “girl,” a DOP and two assistants. Thor and I later shot the iPhone footage all over Cape Town, pushing and pulling on those heart strings. Once Thor turned that tap on, there was no stopping him. He truly did not stop crying.”

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