Listen to Glass Peaks’ yearning alt-rock single ‘Lift Me’

As is the case with the entire music industry at the moment, bands are also suffering the effects of Covid-19. While bands would have spent the summer playing festivals before heading straight into festival season, we’re instead faced with an unprecedented halt to the live music sector. One such band who had loads of gigs lined up were Glass Peaks, but this struggle hasn’t put a stop to their creativity. Swapping ideas online and late-night socially distanced writing sessions has resulted in a yearning piece of alternative rock titled ‘Lift Me’.

Here the London-based three-piece reflect on the powerful meaning behind their new song:

“It’s about needing someone else’s strength and realising thatno matter how resilient you are, you can’t always carry theworld on your shoulders. It’s about the heady romantic nightwalks followed by mind numbing arguments. It’s about realisingyour own self worth and actually putting your foot down foronce. I suppose ingeneral it’s just about making a statement,and implementing the changes you want to see.”

Packaged in melodic guitars and earnest percussion, we could all use a little of this self-belief right now. Show your love for Glass Peaks and stream ‘Lift Me’ below.

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