Chillhum proves that less is more on his latest single, ‘Waste My Time’ ft. Devyn Sawyer

Los Angeles resident and guitarist Chillhum [Ethan Bedell] reveals his latest work today, a gorgeous, pared down, acoustic duet with friend and fellow singer-songwriter, Devyn Sawyer.

Chillhum’s musical inspirations range from hip-hop, to reggae and R&B with his first love being electronic music, which is what inspired him to move to L.A in 2018 and pursue a career as a producer. With just seven songs under his belt, the Sur:Kit signees music career is still in its budding stages and despite his vast and varied tastes, Chillhum’s latest single ‘Waste My Time’ is a lesson that less is sometimes more.

For ‘Waste My Time’ I had been super inspired by all the recent acoustic-electronic hybrid songs I had been hearing lately so I programmed an upbeat catchy drum pattern, picked up the acoustic guitar (as is one of my absolute favorite ways to write) and began to come up with some strumming patterns that fit the groove of the drums. This is a super simple instrumental but it really is all about the groove between the acoustic guitar and the drums, which I think is a common thread found through a lot of my music. 

Immediately upon finishing the instrumental and writing the melody for the chorus Devyn came into mind, as I had a feeling this song would fit really nicely in her range and would give her amazing voice a chance to shine because of the track’s somewhat minimal instrumentation.

‘Waste My Time’ is one of Chillhum’s favourite songs to date and understandably so, the song begins with Devyn’s delicate humming and a steady piano strum from Chillhum. Gradually, the song builds as Devyn’s gentle, raw vocals lead the track, supported by Chillhum on the guitar; playing along melodically, both in perfect harmony. In the background, some drums can be heard, softly keeping time as Chillhum’s vocals slowly creep into the song too, harmonising with Devyn as they duet over the beautifully simplistic instrumental.


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