AlexDrake. returns with uplifting punk-inspired single, ‘Peace of Mind’ ft. AJ Perdomo

Musician’s often claim to have music running through their veins and AlexDrake. is certainly no exception. The New Jersey native is somewhat of a musical prodigy; after picked up an acoustic guitar at the age of five, Drake soon gained an interest in the drums and then electric guitar. By the time he was twelve he had enough of a grasp on all three instruments to start his own band alongside his childhood friends!

Fast forward a few years and Drake is now a budding solo artist, his breakout single Circles’ was a quiet but undeniable success. Keen to maintain his winning streak, AlexDrake. offers his second, punk-inspired single, ‘Peace of Mind’ featuring friend and fellow artists AJ Perdomo from the band Dangerous Summer.

Driven by the general turmoil the world is currently in, Drake was inspired to write ‘Peace of Mind’ after attending a protest in LA. The song offers a much needed musical remedy to the chaos of the outside world; inspiring it’s listeners to maintain an inner calm despite all of the external commotion.

The song really embarks on the turmoil we deal with everyday occurrences. Dealing with your boss, dealing with current societal stressors, dealing with any kind of aversion to what you love and what you want to do but still having ‘Peace of Mind’ to do you and follow your dreams, passions, and internal monologue regardless of what is being spewed at you. There is some kind of political background within it as well, meaning the hardships and terrible things we are seeing happening today are absolute atrocities to humanity and at the end of the day, we as individuals need to be able to combat what must be combatted while still loving ourselves and self-preserving when/where we can.


‘Peace of Mind’ brilliantly captures AlexDrake’s love for American alternative rock and emo/punk music. He expertly blends the genres to create his own unique take, couple that with his skilled and highly relatable songwriting and you’ve got the makings of a hit. ‘Peace of Mind’ is AlexDrake’s second single and the lead up to three more releases which will form the basis of his debut EP.


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