Hugo M. Hardy’s latest single ‘Trainspotting’ gives a bittersweet taste of childhood nostalgia.

You may not have heard of Hugo M. Hardy before but after giving his latest track a listen, you’ll be very pleased to have made the introduction. With just two songs in his catalogue, Hugo’s still very much a newcomer on the scene, but his most recent song ‘Trainspotting’ gives off the bitter-sweet taste of perfectly aged wine.

The theme of the song was conceived during a particularly tumultuous time in Hugo’s life; a time of great sorrow, regret and loss, but those are often the conditions which inspire the greatest creativity and that was certainly the case for Hugo. After deciding to retreat to the country to begin his healing in solitude, he was forced to look inwards, confront his demons and face his past. The result was a collection of deeply personal, relatable and moving songs which will form the basis of his upcoming debut album, with Trainspotting being the first release.

“Trainspotting is a song about the nostalgic feeling of watching the people around me growing up, and feeling like the glory days are behind us. It’s quite self-reflective, and also hints towards me questioning whether I’ve made the right decisions, or whether I could be doing things better. I think it’s a feeling that lots of mid-20 people seem to be going through at the moment.”

Hugo M. Hardy’sTrainspotting’ is a gorgeously simple guitar lead song accented by some light percussion and gentle keys. His soft, raspy voice perfectly capturing the bittersweet melancholy of memories past.

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