Valentino Khan hits hatrick, with third single ‘Division’


After a string of releases over the past few weeks, Valentino Khan has certainly caused a stir. Sealing off a hatrick of tunes, his third in this series of singles is the electro bass riddled – ‘Division’, which follows both ‘Blackmail’ and ‘Deathproof’. Leading the artist nicely up to his forthcoming project, the French Fried EP.

‘Division’ follows suit and continues to captivate Khans sound and musical essence. Layers of heavy, foreboding bass pave the way for ‘Division’ as the mid tempo punch kicks in and commands attention. The drums are powerfully present as they cater to the carefully crafted synthwork, as Khan explores the dark side of his production capabilities. Recently referred to as “the master of house party house music” by This Song Is Sick, it’s crystal clear this is just the beginning for Khan as he continues to warm us up for what is about to come.

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