Listen to Golden Vessel’s blissful indie track ‘stateside’ feat. Akurei

Australian artist Golden Vessel has just dropped his new eleven-track album, colt, which provides a much needed dose of wanderlust as we travel across America with this musician. Golden Vessel wrote this record before , during and after an extensive US tour, which began back in mid-2019.

As Golden Vessel recalls from that time, “I started picking up bass guitar as I went into making this album and that bled into the production and became a sort of anchor point for the songs. It was nice to choose a theme and an album title and an instrument and build the album around that. As per usual I worked with a lot of my close friends on this album, but I wanted to try and write whole songs by myself and focus on songwriting. A lot of the music I was listening to while making this record(Big Thief, Arcade Fire, Alex G) really made me want to focus on lyrics and new melodies.”

One of those close friends that appears on the album is Akurei in the blissful track ‘stateside’. As with the rest of the album is a generously chilled-out listen of minimalist guitar and carefully placed percussion that leads into a dreamy chorus. It’s a song of two parts, “let’s go” and “let’s stay”, an indecision that’s all kind of irrelevant as long as you have someone sticking by you.

Here the Australian musician analyses the track further: “stateside was one of the first songs I made for the album and helped direct the sound. It is built primarily on pitched up bass guitarparts stacked on top of each other and I used this technique a number of times to build guitar-like parts. The 2nd versewas emptyfor over a year and finally Connor (Akurei) added the nicest little verse on top of it. The song is split lyrically and sortof contradictsitself with parts saying ‘let’sjust stay’ and other lines saying ‘let’s go’ but as long as you have someone joining it’ll be okay.”

Stream ‘stateside’ featuring Akurei below and if you’re whisked away by this one, then you’ll fall hard for Golden Vessel‘s full album.

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