Starring Matt Lucas, watch the video for Henry Dell x YCONN’s ‘Blocked Me’

Electro-pop artist Henry Dell loves an uptempo bop as much as the next person, which is exactly why he called on the talents of dance producer YCONN to bring an extra boost to his latest single ‘Blocked Me’. It’s a modern tale of post-break up strife where the ex takes that final step in blocking their former lover on their phone and socials. Y’all know that’s some serious stuff.

“I came up with the idea for Blocked Me when my ex blocked me on social media. I instantly realised this had never been put into a pop song, and was a great opportunity to flip the situation on its head, and make a social media self-love anthem that everyone could relate to,” says Henry Dell of the new track.

Over two years, Dell worked on the song with YCONN which was then recorded at London’s well-known Tileyard Studios. The result is this pulsing club track with top-lining pop hooks propped up with syncopated bass and a driving rhythm; it’s all the goods of a classic dance-pop track.

‘Blocked Me’ is completed by a technicolour music video in which Henry Dell and Matt Lucas perform side-by-side in their alternative reality where you’re simply a phone user but inside this world of digital hyperrealism.

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