Listen to the Lovecraftian ‘Philistine’ from Gabrielknowseverything

Gabrielknowseverything is a Palestinian-American who describes his music as “a Lovecraftian take on the state of Palestine and the perils of bringing what is dead back to life.”

Combining Kurt Cobain-esque songwriting with a sturdy hip-hop influence, this artist really does stand on his own and he’s unafraid of doing so. That’s a message that we hear clearly in the opening track to Gabriel’s new album Philistine, which shares the same name. Riding on a reverby guitars and hip-hop beats, this is a song of despair that deals with issues of addiction, depression, a need for love and hope. The character portrayed by the Florida-based musician could be in any place, at any time, because this state of being is timeless. Through the rap verses, we also hear anger and a revolt against being put into a box, which leads us to view this ‘Philistine’ as an independent spirit.

‘Philistine’ is simply a taste of Gabrielknowseverything‘s full album, so be sure to check that out over on Spotify or wherever good music can be found.

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