Mulay’s alt-R&B track ‘SHAME’ is message of self-love

Everything about Mulay‘s new single ‘SHAME’ is utter perfection. From her glassine vocals to the mesmerizing visuals to the electronic R&B beats to the message of self-love; we really couldn’t ask for anything else today.

As we’ve heard from contemporary artists and projects like Her Songs, Sipprell, Gwen Bunn and Jessica Domingo, R&B is still a space where women can carve out a space for themselves. It’s a space of honesty, healing and community that so few genres fail to provide for women and other minority genders.

Directed by Felix Aaron, this piece of intersectional feminist art is one that you’ll want to re-watch and re-listen to again and again. If you’re not someone whose into giving themselves positive affirmations, then let Mulay do that for you, and all soundtracked to other-worldy R&B beats.

Photo credit: Ali Kanaan

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