Introducing UK indie artist Lilith Ai with ‘Shanks Pony’

Lilith Ai is a songwriter through and through. You can hear that in her genuinely emotional vocal delivery in recently release single ‘Shanks Pony’. It’s a hearty song of soft strings and alternative looped beats, which compliments Lilith’s natural voice with a lo-fi production.

As Lilith Ai says of ‘Shanks Pony’:  “Seems to me no matter how much tech we invent, we are all fundamentally alone. This track is about facing your demons and the weight of everyday adulting. When I was a little kid I asked my Dad for a pony. Ha, the only pony I got was shanks! You know. We all gotta walk in alone.

It’s an honesty dismantling of those lies we tell to ourselves, like “you can have it all”, but Lilith tells us that the cost for that is not truly wanting anything at all.

The single is accompanied by a DIY film and partly animated music video, keeping in style with the visual assets for previous songs ‘medicine’ and ‘hysteria’.

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