Bre Kennedy asks ‘Where Did Summer Go’ in nostalgic guitar ballad

Where did summer go? That’s surely a question that many of us who have been quarantined this year are asking ourselves. It certainly feels like 2020 has robbed us of those sun-soaked adventures, cook outs with our friends and families, evenings in the beer gardens.

American singer-songwriter Bre Kennedy strings together our collective feelings of disappointment as the southern hemisphere heads towards winter into her beautiful new single ‘Where Did Summer Go’.

Speaking about the personal experience that led Kennedy to pen this guitar-led song, she says:

I wrote this while sitting at the window that I’ve been looking out of all Summer. I had so many plans and dreams to tour and get to travel this year. My friends had so many plans and dreams to do the same. Every year is for growing and to try our best to bring our visions to life. This year we had to put a lot of that on hold. It’s bittersweet, summer to me represents a golden and free time and it leaves with the season and I tried to make the most of it but I didn’t get the summer I thought I’d get to have, none of us did. I have so much to process and reflect on this fall and writing this song was the first step in me doing so.

The nostalgic Fall ballad was written with one of Bre Kennedy‘s favorite co-writers, Brian Brundage, from her apartment in East Nashville and Brundage from his family home in Jersey over Zoom.

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