Groove to Nic Howell’s alt-pop single ‘Stop Overthinking’

If there’s one thing at the forefront of most teenagers’ minds, you can bet that it’s got something to do with a relationship. Whether it’s the early blossoming of new love, a world-ending break up, unrequited admiration or the pursuit of another, the world of teenage love is complex. Sharing one perspective of this dramatic phase in life is 19-year-old Floridian musician Nic Howell with his new single ‘Stop Overthinking’.

It’s bursting with swagger and confidence thanks to that happy disco groove and ear-wormy guitar melody. Yet, Howell’s contemporary indie-pop vocals suggests that this isn’t a done deal. As he sings, “you should be with me, not keeping me around”, suggesting that his love interest isn’t been entirely certain in what they want from their connection.

Perhaps all will be resoled in Nic Howell‘s next single and may he’ll have move on by then. Only thing we can do is to watch this space.

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