Montreal artist Emi Jeen deliver edgy alt-pop single ‘Other Side’

Emi Jeen‘s new single is a raw-edged mix of pop and rock that perfectly suits her front woman vocals. It’s not only Jeen’s style, but it’s also the substance that makes us sit up and listen to ‘Other Side’.

As the Montreal native shares:

“Other Side is a manifesto to the world telling them that we are all done with the hate, control, racism, sexism, dictatorship going on in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what colour you are or what you believe in, we are all warriors and we will fight together. We will no longer stay inside the box and keep quiet.”

This rebellious, warrior theme is carried on through into the music video in which Emi Jeen performs as a woodland witch and bare-faced fighter as she repeatedly reminds the listener “tick, tock, it’s time to wake up.”

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