DJ & Producer Will Wallace shares his debut EDM single, ‘Greenlight’

DJ and producer Will Wallace shares his debut EDM single and music video for ‘Greenlight’. Despite it being his first official song, ‘Greenlight’ is not actually Wallace’s song at all, its a remix of a pop single by upcoming singer-songwriter Rachelle Rhienne , whose magical vocals also feature on Wallace’s version of the track.

On paper, ‘Greenlight’ is a pretty surprising pairing between an EDM producer and DJ from Preston and a pop songstress and professional pianist from Scotland, but it’s a promising sign of Wallace’s creativity as it’s a partnership that certainly works. The two musicians met after Wallace’s long stint of gigging and tours finally came to an end just before the pandemic. Wallace and Rhienne hit it off and began work on their first collaboration, working tirelessly through the quarantine piecing the final bits together.

The result is a genre-bending piece of music that combines elements of pop and future bass with more conventional EDM tropes for a truly unique sonic experience. From the gentle electric keys that introduce the track to the flashing synths, clapping drums and hyper-charged electronic sounds, every single element and sound meticulously constructed by Wallace fits together perfectly. ‘Greenlight’ is a fantastic debut from the London-based artist and a song that EDM lovers will surely take to, a very promising start for Will Wallace’s future music career.


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