Listen to ‘I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately)’ from milk., a new Irish alt-pop band

Introducing you to unsigned alt-pop band milk., who hail from Dublin, but could easily be from London, Los Angeles or Melbourne thanks to their genre-spanning style. Doses of synth-pop and indie-rock, sidle up alongside purposefully auto-tuned vocals and a lofi production in their new single ‘I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately)’.

Mark McKenna, Conor Gorman, Conor King and Morgan Wilson are inspired by their playlists, which are varied and colourful, and so we could say that rather than being an Irish band, milk. has been born of the internet. It’s technology that has most greatly informed their style, which we can hear through the kaleidoscopic experience of their vibrant song.

Speaking further on how the song came together, the band say:

“Although Mark had some of the lyrics already written, the song was fleshed out the first time we were all allowed to be in a room together since the start of lockdown. We recorded it with our good friend Adam Redmond in Flaked Studios. The track details the complexity of relationships – the difficult conversations and uncomfortable truths.

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