‘Painted Blue is Tiphanie Doucet’s melancholic, azure-tinged piano ballad

French singer-songwriter Tiphanie Doucet has shared a new single ‘Painted Blue’, which strikes us with the melancholic, azure-tinged ambience of her forlorn vocals and cinematic piano. Doucet is wearing her broken heart fully on her sleeve throughout this minimalist recording, a pained honesty that we don’t all too often hear these days.

The musical vulnerability is brought further to life in the video for ‘Painted Blue’, in which Doucet uses her training as a former professional dancer to produce some moving choreography. The whole thing feels extremely personal and intimate, as though we’ve been given a window right into Tiphanie Doucet‘s soul as she reflects on a lost love.

The single also featured on the newly released Painted Blue EP which you can listen to in full here.

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