Joe Parsons releases self-titled debut album featuring standout track ‘Fog’

Remember that really cool song combatting toxic masculinity we shared back in September? Well the auteur of which, Joe Parsons, has now followed up with an entire album!

The musician, who also moonlights as a comedian, came out nine years ago and in celebration of that momentous occassion, Parsons released his self-titled album on November 20th.

We’ve had some time to sit with the album now and we can’t get away to the enchanting pull of track ‘Fog’. It’s define by an interesting array electronic beats which lightly paddle against the cinematic piano melody. While there are many atmospheric songs throughout the album, such as ‘Fade’ and the aforementioned ‘Repair’, we really love the alternative approach to production on ‘Fog’ and how well Parson’s light vocals compliment the track.

Check out Unrecorded’s favourite ‘Fog’ below and if you like what you hear, check out the full record here.

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