‘Tribal Futurism’ is a calming combination of electronica and afrobeat from Skai Lounge

Fusing electronica with afrobeat, Cape Town’s Skai Lounge is here to celebrate a new era of African art – which he calls Afro-futurism – which unapologetically revels in the uniqueness of African cultures.

His new single ‘Tribal Futurism’ seeks to connect the past, present and future in a meditative moment of beatwork, vocal samples and dreamy synths influenced by production titans like Flume, Sango and Ta-Ku. Embedded within the atmospheric soundscape, Swahili and Xhosa vocal chants rhythmically echo whilst danceable African drums add to the pure vibrancy of this track.

A consistent creative who always pushes his sound into new and exciting arenas, Skai Lounge is one to keep an eye on.

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