Magazines’ latest single ‘Pink & Blue’ is the perfect balance between uplifting & solemn.

Dublin based indie quartet, Magazines return with their latest, must-hear single ‘Pink & Blue’.

The track follows on from their recently released single ‘Happy Alone‘ which was praised by fans and press alike, gaining the attention of the likes of Wonderland Magazine and several top Spotify playlists. Hoping to maintain their trajectory of success, Magazines deliver another delicious slice of lo-fi indie with their newest track ‘Pink & Blue’.


The production of ‘Pink & Blue’ is one of its stand-out features. The use of drawn-out guitar chords and punchy kicks and snares alongside the distorted sounds of Cath Leahy’s ethereal vocals creates a really unique, almost dreamlike atmosphere, similar to the hazy melodies of Fleetwood Mac.

Delicate, angelic sounding backing vocals punctuate the song throughout adding a tuneful cushion to the angst-fuelled, indie-style lyrics which Magazines have earned themselves a name for. They have a fantastic ability to disguise occasionally dark, bitingly honest lyricism with live instrumentation and otherworldly, synth-heavy production, resulting in the perfect moody, evening lo-fi vibes.

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