Liverpool’s promising indie artist Amber Jay has released progressive track ‘Pencilled Brims’

For fans of Marika Hackman, Julian Bakar and Zuzu, get ready to become attached to our new indie favourite – Amber Jay. The Merseyside musician takes the “bedroom pop” label and make it something that unique to her whimsical and gritty approach to songwriting.

You’ll hear this genre-bending will come into play in Jay’s newest single ‘Pencilled Brims’, which is about the divine chaos of suspended moments of intimacy. The constantly shifting soundscape reflect how one’s memory can change and warp over time, effected by bursts or withdrawals of emotion.

Here Amber Jay ever so eloquently explains the meaning behind her new song:

“Pencilled Brims holds a microscope over an initial moment of intimacy and how that moment almost becomes suspended in our minds, to be witnessed and analysed during and after the interaction has occurred. It highlights how in the action of intimacy there is a vignette-like experience around the event, allowing us to hone-in on specific details to extract their beauty. However, suddenly finding yourself tied within a person so intensely, can mean you lose sight of yourself and the perspective of the situation. The line between love and obsession becomes equally blurred and no matter how much you try and change a person ‘the nature of the beast never leaves its side.”

‘Pencilled Brims’ is undoubtedly a progressive track that conveys Amber Jay at her most creatively aware.

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