Cheriton and Lydia Clowes collaborate on feel-good ‘Say Hey’

Feel-good and funky are two words that instantly spring to mind while listening to ‘Say Hey’, the sublime new single from Cheriton featuring the divine vocals of Lydia Clowes.

It’s a dreamy kind of track that weaves in and out of hooky bass lines, slinky guitar chords and cooler-than-cool percussion. The breezy feeling extends into Cheriton and Clowes vocals, which keep in rhythmically step with the funky construction and sparkling synths.

As the primary songwriter of ‘Say Hey’, Cheriton expalins that it’s “a song about communication. It’s about reconnecting and how sometimes you get stuck in those meaningless and drawn out “pre chat” conversations… ‘how have you been?’.. **two weeks pass** ‘Work’s been crazy!’ ** ‘Busy’s good!!’. The verses explore those digital conversations you find yourself in whereas the chorus is the brain and your subconscious dialogue which keeps you attached and engaged. The memories of good times that keep you coming back, the acknowledgement and understanding of each other’s faults and how you process them.”

We’re sure that pretty much everyone will relate to being caught up in the pre-chat malaise that has dominated much of 2020 and we’re also certain that you’ll enjoy the sundry sounds of ‘Say Hey’.

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