Ray Dawn drops second 2020 single ‘Boston’


Currently residing in Atlanta, hip-hop artist Ray Dawn has released his second 2020 single ‘Boston’. This newest track follows on from single ‘Flex’ which dropped earlier this year and has reached over 200k streams already, if his current streaming rate is anything to go by, the only way is up for ‘Boston’. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Ray Dawn is set to make his own, individual mark on the proclaimed hometown of hip-hop music. Oozing with complexity, ‘Boston’ features a dynamically pleasing soundscape with a persistent and energetic beat coursing through.

Ray Dawn expanded on what new single ‘Boston’ represents:

“Lately I’ve been enjoying the process of letting go – allowing my story to unfold on its own time. The bigger the goal, the longer the road. “Boston” is a reminder to myself that the marathon continues.”

Produced by Donnie Katana, ‘Boston’ boasts Ray’s unmistakeable vocals as he delivers a laid back yet electric flow. An infectious, stylish track from start to finish, ‘Boston’ marks a musical milestone for Ray and we look forward to watching his journey, from here on out!

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